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RT @ReallySwara: Not squatted ma’am. Studied. For two years. That’s the stipulated time earning a Sociology Masters degree takes in India.…

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RT @evacide: “What do think about artificial intelligence?”

“I don’t think we’ve even achieved human intelligence.”

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RT @gautambhatia88: Just skimmed the Jamaican Constitutional Court’s decision striking down their national biometric ID system. This is bea…

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RT @iam_anandv: Even Jamaican Supreme court say that their version of #Aadhaar is unconstitutional and quotes DYC’s dissent and rejects the…

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@neo4j @OReillyMedia @amyhodler @markhneedham EPUB please.

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Am I the only one who dislikes medium now?

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{ It’s not about education, it’s misrepresentation and some clearly lieing }

In Poll Affidavit, Union Minister Smr…


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RT @YatinMota: How will a typical India Bank account balance look after announcement from various parties :

Your A/C XXXXX699631 Credited…

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@vu2lbw Do any repeaters in Bangalore do regular check-in. Interested in listening.

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RT @radiotelescoop: Yesterday, @cgbassa and Paul PE1NUT tracked the #Beresheet lunar landing with the Dwingeloo radio telescope. Here’s a w…

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Ofcourse it’s easy to twist that statement by Kumaraswamy for someone who is asking votes in the name of soldiers .…


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Actually there is some truth to that statement by Kumaraswamy. I am not sure if army releases data on soldiers and…