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I am still on SB2 (paid), should i move to Sublime Text 3?

5:15 pm »

@konarkmodi Thank you. Really useful. Also trying to move to TypeScript!

5:13 pm »

@vsr Yes, doing some of that cleaning! I am also liking @typescriptlang on the side. So may be one day.

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RT @Hidden_Pockets: Join us for Open House on Tech spaces and Gender with @hasgeek this Friday!!! Come discuss possibilities of making spac…

11:41 am »

Man reading JavaScript is such a pain. How do people maintain JS projects?

11:37 am »

RT @no2uid: In Rajasthan fair price shop dealer “seeds” own #Aadhaar to 77 persons’ rationcards without their knowledge #AadhaarFail #Aadha…

11:36 am »

3. Now the problem caused by that tech solution #Aadhaar needs to be solved by Law(s). What if it didn’t? then Yet Another Tech Solution?

11:33 am »

2. They say since laws couldn’t protect/manage leakage in PDS and others, we needed a tech solution -> #Aadhaar