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@rssharma3 4. Also arent we the one coined “World is flat”.

11:18 pm »

@rssharma3 3. We are not just trying to protect ourselves from our friendly & “same culture” neighbors no? Its the world v/s my privacy.

11:14 pm »

@rssharma3 2. Some concepts in privacy could change from culture to culture in offline world. But not on public internet.

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RT @aparatbar: Has Justice MC Sharma damaged the credibility of the judiciary more than Justice Karnan ? Discuss. [5 Marks] #PeacockJudge #…

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I am an Indian complaining here. If I could afford legal system I would have gone to SC like @rssharma3 expected.…


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RT @anivar: Reason: @rssharma3 is hurt by @mozilla‘s @MitchellBaker‘s critique on aadhaar. Inability for proper response results in beating…

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RT @free_thinker: Outrage over slaughter of a cow v/s a human – an analysis of 100 BJP leaders active on social media