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@bibhasdn .. Friends/Orgs can host a BC server for themselves, if you as a person/group don’t want to trust random server.

10:21 pm »

@bibhasdn Something like Electrum which will use BC on remote server but wallets are always local. So you can make sure its safe. Also ..

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@bibhasdn Clients can use remote chain but wallets can be local.

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@syajaman Can you post a screenshot? I want to know which layout they use.

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RT @AadhaarLaw: Aadhaar Is Not Mandatory Under Prevention Of #MoneyLaundering (Maintenance Of Records) Second Amendment Rules 2017- https:/…

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RT @nkaggere: #Karnataka #MLCs get the #GST gist bit.ly/2rTcTBK #tax #netas #assembly @tinucherian @CMofKarnataka @thej @epigiri h…