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RT @anivar: Mystery Over How BJP’s @Kummanam Landed on Maiden Kochi Metro Ride avoiding protocols . Meme from @sunojvarkey t.co/g…

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RT @MumbaiCentral: “So what do you do?”
“I’m a lawyer”
“Great! How do I get out of applying for Aadhaar card”

(Party conversation, 2017)

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RT @iam_anandv: The significance of data on Kerala Dairy farmer log analysis:

What does it really mean? It is #A

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Man lynched for stopping officials taking photos of women defecating in open – Deccan Herald shar.es/1BbNuX

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RT @aparatbar: The link between mobiles and Aadhaar was achieved through a PIL by Lokniti. The second case by the NGO wants to get a DNA da…

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@GanaVK Those are exactly what they are. Those are not India. Those are shared history by India and Pak