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Dear Twitter,
If you pay for services like AWS or Google Apps for personal use. Do you need to have GSTIN & provide them?


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Webpack & Preact-CLI Vulnerability

<a href="https://medium.com/@mikenorth/webpack-preact-cli-vulnerability-961572624c54″ title=”https://medium.com/@mikenorth/webpack-preact-cli-vulnerability-961572624c54″ class=”link link_untco”>medium.com/@mikenorth/web…

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@calamur Yes. I remember seeing that. Don’t know what happened to that. Equally bad idea.

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RT @Memeghnad: Listing a few possible responses for “Where were you when xyz incident happened? Why no outrage then? Huh?”


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RT @zackwhittaker: Petya is a data wiper, not ransomware, says new research. Attack was data destruction, not financial motivation. https:/…