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To Be a Disrupter, You Don’t Have to be an Asshole lnkd.in/ej__DWU

{ applies to some of our own India ones }

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@devangshudatta Because clients go to whoever is cheaper. No? Ultimately clients are the one paying.

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@devangshudatta Unless one makes off the record adjustments with them because one dont want to charge one’s clients.

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@devangshudatta Plumber charges for service. What tax credit he will get?

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@devangshudatta Ah okay, i was mostly thinking about service industry like doctors, lawyers etc who don’t have such chain.

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@devangshudatta In simple words?

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@ePandu Thats only of *everything* is on record no?

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May think #GST will reduce black business. Trying to understand how. Any pointers? I think its the other way.

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So people in Orion East mall dont take Rs. 10 coins.