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RT @felix_schwarz: Tried myself & it’s true: #HighSierra shows the #APFS volume password as hint. Persists reboots, not stored in keychain.…

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RT @RReverser: So good to read code of Mosaic (the first OSS browser) and realise that quality of comments in code hasn’t changed much in 2…

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RT @KarnatakaSNDMC: 24Hrs ☔ Forecast for #BBMP from 8.30AM of 6 October 17 to 8.30AM of 7 October 17. Moderate to Heavy ☔ expected across #…

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Some sense

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Witt is prototype aiming to explore new visualization & analysis of OpenWhisk’s activation logs to support debugging l.giyf.in/2xXW8pI