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Such BS

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RT @jackerhack: Good thread on Aadhaar’s upgraded security. The UP fingerprint cloning case showed how determined the attackers are. This d…

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RT @jackerhack: Just Aadhaar or CIN? What about all these other types of entities currently recognised by PAN? @KJshashi @medianama https:/…

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RT @tjoseph0010: Alert Level Yellow, Orange or Red?

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RT @prempanicker: What I find intriguing is, elections coming next year. This, now. What scam is Raje afraid will out unless the media is g…

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RT @citizenmatters: Where are dry waste collection centres located in Bengaluru? Check out this map! @WeAreBangalore @ravichandar @BPACoffi…

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What The Fuck.


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RT @GirishNaught: @jamewils Coming next is national anthem on TV/Mobile/Radio every day. Twice. At 8AM & 6PM. Thailand style. Let’s call it…

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RT @jamewils: Awesome!! After that privacy is not a fundamental right, another Gem 💎

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RT @alwaystheself: One of the most interesting findings in Picca and Feagin’s “Two Faced Racism” is whites’ reaction when other whites crit…

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RT @alwaystheself: Picca & Feagin show that those few whites who do challenge white racism often have significant, serious relationships wi…

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@rtanglao If they are under cc then archive org with static site.