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RT @ShyamSPrasad: Kannada sports channel comes true from November 16

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@nkaggere @epigiri @ShyamSPrasad Policy copy please.

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Hope someone investigates this.


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RT @BlrLitFest: Yay, the DETAILED SCHEDULE for #BlrLitFest (28-29th October 2017) is now out! Check it out, share, and register asap https:…

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RT @rameshsrivats: I’m obviously getting this wrong, but did the government take my money and give it to PSU Banks?
I could have done that…

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RT @NicholasGuyatt: “Remember that black student yesterday, the one on the front cover, who was attacking white authors? Yeah, we made that…

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RT @prempanicker: Open google. Enter “objective of demonetisation” in search. Fix search range between 8/11/2016 to today. Have a blast cou…