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RT @medianama: Protecting Facebook community more important than maximizing profits: Zuckerberg buff.ly/2ynPMn4 #Repost

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@sagaro @logic I will get back to work :) ☮️

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@sagaro @logic @vijayanands ☮️

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@sagaro @logic Its like govt publishing just UID & you having a FB account. I some how figure to match them. Then link the rest to your FB.

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@sagaro @logic I agree.

Every additional anonymous data point makes it easy to triangulate.

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@sagaro @logic Lets say voters list publishes only UID. Voter List – Polling Area, HIV Medicine List – HIV Patient, Gas List – Have Gas ..

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@sagaro @logic Unique as UIDAI sense man. I can have 1000 public keys/emails, use different one with different prov…


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@sagaro @logic Its the same problem I have when people claim BTC gives (PKI) privacy. Because it doesn’t.