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@sagaro @logic For the fact that it points directly ( & uniquely ) to me than other info.

3:02 pm »

@sagaro @logic I agree with we shouldn’t publish personal info. I consider Aadhaar number also personal and infact…


12:47 pm »

@sagaro You are missing the point that UID was published along with other identifiable information online. Which makes UID a linking key.

12:45 pm »

@sagaro PKI doesn’t promise privacy. If one really wants privacy they should never associate public key with other…


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RT @iam_anandv: All tune to @gautambhatia88 channel on Friday for Mobile, Bank Linkage Aadhaar hearings. 👇

10:04 am »

RT @MissFurioso: Gosh, we need to speak about Average Sex Ratio of Gujarat Vs Karnataka.
Guj: 919
Karnataka: 973!

Cc: @sabaow…

9:55 am »

RT @t_d_h_nair: 1/ I had no intention to do this #BariOluModi thread till someone sent a DM requesting me to do a fact check on this

9:53 am »

RT @t_d_h_nair: 33/Conviction rate for atrocities against SC & STs in Gujarat in 2015 was 3.4% n 1.8%.National Avrg was 28.8% & 37.9

9:52 am »

RT @t_d_h_nair: 22/Look at the screenshot. None of the crops mentioned by these guys are the major crops in Karnataka.Maximum area is under…

9:48 am »

@sagaro It’s not about blaming. It’s about why UID shouldn’t be shared publicly.

9:47 am »

@sagaro Email is not comparable to UID. Email meant for sharing and UID is not.

9:45 am »

@sagaro Real world. Things happen in unexpected ways, hence the importance of keeping the aadhaar number secret.

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RT @nanuramu: Do you have an issue with the congress party ruling Karnataka or the state itself ?? Our state is much ahead than your Gujara…