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{ #wtfnews Self Driving Trains in India!}

No kidding: Train runs without driver for 13 km, rail staff chases it o…


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@yuktix @pallavipnt @rjha94 @srj0408 though I would love COx and SOx too.

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@yuktix @pallavipnt @rjha94 @srj0408 Yes. Mostly PM2.5, PM10 at this point. How much would it cost, email?

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@bibhasdn I had long time back and forgotten about it. I have added it to the list.

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I am planning to buy an Air Purifier – Did a comparison chart. Looks like its going to be Mi or Honeywell. Its a g…


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RT @pujamehra: GST Satyagreha: Producers of Kannada musical refuse to collect 18% GST on show tickets, invite PM and FM to the show https:/…