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RT @SergeyISS: The #DzhanibekovEffect named after cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov who discovered it in 1985. A rigid body is rotating around…

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RT @AlbertEinstein: This day in history: On November 11, 1915, Albert Einstein submitted his second paper on the general theory of relativi…

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@tetisheri ADAIK Indians can vote in UK & in Canada (except federal)

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RT @h0t_max: Game over! We (I and @_markel___ ) have obtained fully functional JTAG for Intel CSME via USB DCI. #intelme #jtag #inteldci ht…

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@tetisheri I do know citizenship takes a long time. Also there countries which allow resident foreigners to vote at…


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@tetisheri Agree, tax paying NRIs should have a representation.

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@rahulrrao I think its 182 days (IT laws) as of now. I don’t know what’s the appropriate period. I think an year sh…


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4. Please notev I am talking about people who live outside India and not visitors.

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3. I think people should vote wherever they live. That way they can participate in more meaningful ways than just voting.

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@Sathish Probably true. But complaining is also part of democracy no?

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RT @acorn: I’ve often disagreed with @pbhushan1’s politics but have to say that he is a brave & courageous defender of the Republic. More p…