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@shantanugoel @Pinboard @PushoverApp Two more – @Tarsnap is a great backup service. @NomieApp for tracking.

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I use quite a few products & services which are developed a/maintained by a single individual (max 2, indie devs) a…


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RT @iam_anandv: Really @wadhwa ? FB can’t create starvation deaths, harvest child biometrics, deny abortions.
1. t.co/JmHn…

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RT @thevirdas: Someone threatened to behead a woman on national TV. They offered a cash reward for it. Picture any other country in the wor…

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RT @kavita_krishnan: ‘Haryana man kills wife for denying sex’, or rather, for resisting rape. And still we’ll say marital rape doesn’t happ…

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RT @karunanundy: All of these media hungry fools should be in jail -amazing this is still on. @deepikapadukone just because they’re vocal d…

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RT @thecaravanindia: A family breaks its silence: Shocking details emerge in the death of judge presiding over Sohrabuddin trial t.…

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National party’s media coordinator!!

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RT @ShashiTharoor: *Rajasthan*:
Pending corruption cases: 1,555 (1st in India)
Crimes against SC/ST: 6,998 (2nd)
Rape: 3,644 (3rd)

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Not a terrorist?