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RT @vinaysreeni: The convention will bring together small farmers, weavers, artisans, cobblers, blacksmiths..all people who produce goods b…

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RT @pranesh: Neither the public nor the government has access to the deduplication software and algorithms at the heart of the entire #Aadh

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RT @gramasevasangha: Come to Kodekal! Let’s explore the handmade treasures of Karnataka. Register here- goo.gl/Kczejy #thehandmad

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@_swanand Will be good to know why you think that way.

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I think @BSYBJP needs to talk to his party people and take control of the campaign.

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Karnataka: Bantwal Assembly election will be ‘a contest between Allah and Rama’, says Sunil Kumar sitting BJP MLA…


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Support live streaming of proceedings in the Supreme Court of India – Sign the Petition! chn.ge/2Dyha0s

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RT @prasanna_s: I have. Have you?

(Although “important cases” is a bit too arbitrary a classification for my liking. Any case that can be…

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RT @NeelaVanam: My uncle who is from Tamilnadu could not open a bank account in Bangalore last week. Reason: The bank officials told him si…

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RT @jackerhack: Entrepreneur/small business owners: Have you been asked to link Aadhaar with your business bank account? If so, have you ha…

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RT @iam_anandv: The Screenshot of the “Relative Print” where anyone can put their fingerprint and get anyone’s details for Rs 25, if they k…

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RT @iam_anandv: Today’s Karana:

Forensic investigative report on How every enrolment operator had full access to demographic details of e…

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RT @jobinindia: #Davos : One who controls #data will control the world: PM @narendramodi
One who controls #Aadhaar, will control every Indi…