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Can someone verify if it can identify #aadhaar numbers?

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RT @fs0c131y: The @OnePlus #clipboard app contains a strange file called badword.txt 🤔

In these words, we can find: Chairman, Vice Preside…

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RT @iam_anandv: Today’s Aadhaariits by @ICICILombard.

1. Went to renew my dabba scooter’s insurance. Guy says No Aadhaar, no renewal.

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RT @nixxin: Here is @ceo_uidai saying that he decided that debayan roy will have to remain with the fake name forever.

“You go to your ch‚Ķ

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RT @nixxin: This is @ceo_uidai saying that they got both real and false information related to the journalist [Debayan Roy of @CNNnews18 ]…

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RT @nixxin: This is me, at @gccsofficial 2017, asking @ceo_uidai about how they expect researchers to work with @UIDAI if they keep filing…

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RT @tjoseph0010: Your ‘apology’ has 198 RTs. You waited till your original lie was RTd over 3,000 times to delete it. So it’s reasonable to‚Ķ

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RT @vinodjose: Judge Rathi, who was with Loya in his last hours, without ambiguity says in his statement now in the SC: “At that time docto‚Ķ

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RT @pbhushan1: Explosive: Judge Loya’s ECG could not be done at Dande hospital since ECG machine was not working, says judge who allegedly‚Ķ

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RT @SavvyPriya: What language, using the word “tool” for Judge Loya’s sister? What about @navikakumar is she a mere tool in the BJP’s hands‚Ķ

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RT @kingslyj: Hey @DelhiPolice @gurgaonpolice , can you please file charges against this person under IPC Section 153A?


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RT @pbhushan1: He was Charged for multiple murders. Was in jail&then banished from his State.1st judge trying him transferred. 2nd refused…