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RT @PranavDixit: Huge round of applause for @TwitterIndia

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RT @varungrover: हम सबके अंदर भोली cow
हर जोक पे पागल हो ली cow
पीने का पानी ख़तम यहाँ
तो outrage पी के सो ली cow
डर के खूँटे हमने बाँधी

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RT @varungrover: Plain disgusting (and yet not surprising) to see peers from the film industry slut-shaming, issuing veiled rape threats, a…

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In today’s #wtfnews

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RT @Memeghnad: Remember how BJP Gormint changed FCRA act to save their & Congress ass from getting disqualified? They amended FCRA retrospe…

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RT @gautambhatia88: SD: The LPG linking began as a pilot in 2014. The figures given in UIDAI affidavit is 14000 crores of savings.

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RT @Javedakhtarjadu: @hubalsprophet @ManikTyagi @Madamfauxpas @roydebasis @Sharma_Manoj @AsYouNotWish No . Although men are allowed to marr…

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RT @Javedakhtarjadu: @AsYouNotWish You are asking others but May I ask you whether you believe in our constitution or in the idea of Hindu…

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RT @Memeghnad: Finance Bill 2018 changes earlier date of 26th September 2010 to 5th August 1976!!!

1976!! 42 years!!!

So once the Finance…