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RT @prakashraaj: The joy of your thoughts forming in to a book…My first book in Kannada “iruvudellava bittu” releasing on 4th feb . Pleas…

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RT @gautambhatia88: Aadhaar was argued for three hours yesterday. Most of it was on the incredibly important point of the government’s clai…

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RT @aparatbar: “The Google and Facebook are tracking you much more than the Government” claim is designed to make you feel guilty and hypoc…

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RT @nixxin: Congrats @gautambhatia88 on making it to #ForbesIndia30U30 . Well deserved, and keep fighting the good fight.


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@digitaldutta ha cool. I will DM you the hashtags if I ever want to use your system. I use wordclouds.com


5:29 pm »

@iissarayu Yes, I have. It looks like BJP is Karnataka has no leaders to project.

5:22 pm »

I would love to do some sentiment analysis. Anyone else interested?

5:20 pm »

@iissarayu – I think so too
– Also nothing much about Karnataka was discussed
– Here is the sheet if you like to a…


5:18 pm »

Either people from Karnataka doesn’t care much about #KarnatakaTrustsModi or they are not interested in publishing their location.

5:16 pm »

Here is the spreadsheet of #KarnatakaTrustsModi tweets that I collected from Twitter public stream since last even…


5:12 pm »

So who participated in #KarnatakaTrustsModi ? Here is the worldcloud of Twitter user locations with that hashtag (…


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ಕೊಟ್ಟಿಲ್ವ ಚೊಂಬು?