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RT @guypod: PagerDuty open sourced their internal security training!
Security education is key, even if your company has very smart employ…

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RT @makash: Thread about gulf war


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@shailu_agrawal @UIDAI All the very best.

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@shailu_agrawal @UIDAI Sorry man. I am tired of having the same conversation every six months.

There is lots onlin…


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RT @mathangcito: Congress will return to power in Karnataka, better its 2013 tally says C-Fore survey: goo.gl/HcgcEg
Congress: 12…

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@shailu_agrawal @UIDAI 1. Anything that can’t be changed is not a password. They are just user ids.

2. OTP through SMS is great you think?

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@shailu_agrawal @UIDAI Yes. I don’t consider biometrics as password.

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Hosting the WebApp/API on a server outside[1] the country (AWS – Singapore) is different from sending data to third…