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RT @divyaspandana: 2. I’ve known Mr. Mallya since I was a kid. Yes, he and his family have always been nice to me. I feel sorry for what ha…

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RT @divyaspandana: Oh and #GoyalMustResign

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RT @divyaspandana: 1. I was brand ambassador for RCB along with Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Puneet Rajkumar from 2010-2012. So what?…

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Next breaking story by @republic will be “exposed” link between @imVkohli to Malya. Wasn’t Kohli captain of RCB? M…


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RT @svaradarajan: Just up now, the latest explosive story from @rohini_sgh: In Selling Firm to Piramal Group as Minister, Piyush Goyal Pus…

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RT @pankajontech: Met this amazing stone craftsman Ghulam Mohammed in Turtuk, a village in Leh, the last Indian outpost close to Pakistan.…

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Can someone take her to court. This is inhuman.


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RT @Ram_Guha: For the record: when he was the Editor of The Hindu, @svaradarajan ran a series of bold and well researched reports exposing…

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RT @udupendra: Elections coming up in Karnataka. It is a triangular contest.

Corner 1: Corruption and Stupidity
Corner 2: Corruption and M…

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RT @pranesh: This seems to suggest that UIDAI can do a one-to-many comparison of biometrics for purpose of recovering EID/UID. (From @GoI_M…