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Just a rumor nothing more because

1. No proof offered
2. Banks have been doing bad for a while and nothing speci…


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RT @factordaily: India data privacy draft law to be out later in April or in early May, says Justice B N Srikrishna, chairman of expert pan…

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Indigo again!


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{ How did they get permission to do this? }

Bengaluru: Road dug up to 2.5ft, 5 electric poles pulled down for Hanu…


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@therealjpk Unofficial clients so I am sure WhatsApp will try and block them.

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RT @NewIndianXpress: “The Indigo flight from Lucknow to Bengaluru was full of mosquitoes, when I raised objection, I was manhandled by the…

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@_raghava_ @vsr @kv @harsha @rb This was in Bangalore and a small event.

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RT @anivar: Manorama daily reports
1. Info uploading stopped from March 23rd after the leak
2. Addl. chief secretary requested a report