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@GanaVK He can if he wants to.

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RT @siddaramaiah: Crime is not increasing in Karnataka abnormally. PM repeats the lie of increasing crime rate for political purposes. I ch…

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RT @siddaramaiah: PM has suddenly discovered love & respect for Shri HD Deve Gowda. Shri Modi had not long ago said he will send Shri Deve…

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RT @siddaramaiah: 5 Why did he cheat HAL of the Rafael deal that would have created thousands of jobs in Bengaluru.
6 When will he restore…

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RT @siddaramaiah: What he did not say:
1 Why is he supporting the mining mafia led by Jandhan Reddy?
2 Why is he not helping us resolve Mah…

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RT @siddaramaiah: 4 Something about Namdar & Kaamdar
5 Electrification of 39 villages in 3 years whereas we had already electrified 27,000…

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RT @siddaramaiah: PM @narendramodi is in Karnataka & has nothing substantial to offer. Instead, he dwells eloquently on non-issues:
1 Rahul…

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Haha at last truth about that Modi suit…


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@NagarajVani Like no PMs before 2014 got blamed!