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RT @free_thinker: This fake story by @postcard_news has now been deleted from their website and @mvmeet and @RituRathaur etc who had tweete…

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RT @TheTweetOfGod: I will be eligible to be a god in India as soon as I get my Aadhaar card.

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Why do they have faces of Amit and Rahul?


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RT @free_thinker: Postcard News circulates fake letter about Sonia Gandhi and Karnataka minister engineering Lingayat issue


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RT @fs0c131y: .@GoogleDevExpert How to become a #GDE (Google Developer Expert)? There is a big need of education regarding the security in…

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– And I have been getting quite a few messages since morning with this kind of footnote
– All related to…


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If you get a WhatsApp message with “Forwarded as Received” footnote, it’s mostly fake. Don’t forward it.