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RT @krishkaran2009: @thej @Rukmini Thanks, I am also sick of arguing with this people. I will say #Tamil is not only the oldest and classic…

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@ThalerToRupees @acorn Fight for your rights. You have all our support. Tulu should be part of eighth schedule.

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@indianummah I am taking about India.

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RT @akashbanerjee: Biggest exposé to come out from #KarnatakaFloorTest was not the power/money play in politics…but how we have been made…

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Isn’t this illegal? This is Govt data and private information. How is it legal for any political party to use it?

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“Now, in a run up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP will reach out to these beneficiaries to win them over as potential voters.”

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“In the last four years of Modi regime, various government welfare schemes have benefited over 22 crore people acro…


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RT @SotmAsia: The team is excited to share the official logo of State of the Map Asia 2018! Thank you @rasagy for your amazing work! 💥 Wat…

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RT @simongerman600: I love this #map! It shows how far can you see from the top of #MtEverest. Source: buff.ly/2tFkq9o https://t.co…

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RT @everlaw: ICYMI: We Open-Sourced Our GDPR Compliance Preparation For Articles 30, 32, and 35 bit.ly/2Fflt5o https://t.co/vmJChd…