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RT @DilliDurAst: @Paytm Is he not your official? If he’s lied, are you sacking him and taking criminal action against him? Is it a doctored…

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Congratulations if you are not on this list.


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What are you going to do about this @vijayshekhar ?

Important to know. I really love PayTM and use it on daily bas…


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RT @MorabitoCM: As Ireland goes #hometovote to #RepealThe8th today, please remember Savita Halappanavar who died of sepsis after being deni…

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I was quite happy to see how the members (MLAs) behaved. Mostly respectful and everyone got chance to talk.

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So @hd_kumaraswamyn is the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Was happy to see you asking help of both @bsybjp


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RT @internetofshit: Hi!

Just letting you know you can’t use your lights anymore because we’re slathering your data around and GDPR is her…

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RT @RoflGandhi_: This season of #FitnessChallenge is too easy, you just need to post a video. Last season was the real thing, you had to…

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{ Dangerous }

Government plans to monitor individual social media users to gauge opinion about official policies…