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RT @unicode: Are you ready for 7 new scripts and nearly 700 new characters? The 7 new scripts in #Unicode11 are #HanifiRohingya, #OldSogdia…

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@AniArondekar @FreeCharge Happens in multiple apps (eg: which use JusPay ). I have removed SMS access and I enter manually.

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@AroonDeep @NetflixIndia iframes are worse i think. As a user you don’t know where you are entering.

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I do get OTP sms. But entering CC otp on airtel site seems like a security failure?

How is airtel doing it? MITM?

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Question for people in payments or credicard industry.

When i pay postpaid bill using CC on airtel website. After…


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RT @jackerhack: People who don’t understand the Luddites inadvertantly make their point for them. Today @ceo_uidai thinks it’s a good idea…

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@vivekomon @atherenergy This is Honda Activa

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British empire was too big before