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Here is the live list of what #podcasts i am listening now, with all that i have heard this year. I will add more s…


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@TechButthead Well my act goes down for couple of days every month, unplanned.

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RT @AisiTaisiDemo: Somebody tell him the mob-lynching trend is only for non-privileged minorities and not for people PM publicly calls as ‘…

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RT @neilhimself: EU Folk: #Article13 threatens creators, leaving us vulnerable to censorship in copyright’s name.

We can still stop it. Co…

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May be the best time for NRIs to send money to India? $1=Rs.68

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Languages like Bhojpuri (5,05,79,447), Rajasthani (2,58,06,344) are under Hindi.

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Similarly 4,35,06,272 of 4,37,06,512 Kannada is Kannada. Rest are dialects. I.e 99.54% “Kannada” is Kannada.

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So 32,22,30,097 of 52,83,47,193 is Hindi is Hindi. Rest are dialect or languages under Hindi. So only 60.98% of “Hi…


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RT @kingslyj: @dnene @kushaldas @mehulved @thecaravanindia @thej Injecting content into your all webpages you load violates your privacy.…