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RT @ShaktiProcessor: First silicon success on the first tapeout!! Linux boots on Shakti processor, India’s first @risc_v based silicon chip…

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RT @CNNnews18: Former Indian President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s brother’s family could not find their names in the NRC draft list released on…

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RT @josephfcox: New: now anyone can read through 11,000+ of Wikileaks’ Twitter DMs. Dumped publicly, no need to download, just scroll https…

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RT @DKShivakumar: With 12.3 GW renewable energy capacity, Karnataka leads India and now produces more renewable energy than the European na…

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RT @SathyaBhat: Been working on this for the past few months and finally happy to announce, my book on Docker is out, published by @Apress

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RT @nanoharsha: Very chilling to hear this .. Have heard a lot about kali river and its heritage and people protecting it are hacked to lif…

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RT @nutanc: Until I read the word Republicans, I thought she was talking about India.


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RT @nutanc: Hats off!
And before people say its drama etc etc.,let me tell you, I don’t care.


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RT @nutanc: Started guiding students in engineering college since last week. Some observations:
Nothing has changed. Colleges still use Tur…