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RT @angshukanta: As promised, @TheLeaflet_in brings you our first “SUPER EXCLUSIVE”.

The Golden Question: Why @CSCegov_ CSC e-Governance S…

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RT @shekitup: If voice is the future of computing what about those who cannot speak or hear? I used @TensorFlow.js to make @AmazonEcho resp…

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RT @pranesh: This CIS/Rethink UID git repository of UID docs hasn’t been updated in a while. Could folks please provide pull requests? http…

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RT @logic: So every entity reported on the #S3leaks story refuted casually lying that either it was “test environment”, dummy data, even wh…

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RT @RoflGandhi_: Sycophant: @adityarajkaul
Fake news factory: @republic
Psycopath: Arnab
Political competitor : @ShashiTharoor
Channel’s I…

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RT @QTalker: Today’s @mid_day. Tina Ambani throws her chewing gum inside the hospital she is inaugurating. While Fadnavis looks on. https:/…

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RT @AisiTaisiDemo: Finally we have an institute that will offer a degree in ENTIRE POLITICAL SCIENCE. #JioInstitute

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RT @AisiTaisiDemo: Yes sir there is no water logging. There are no rains even. हम लोग तो डूबने की acting कर रहे हैं। pic.twitter.com/geJRLggirN

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@sunil_abraham Yes. And i will be in touch.