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In today’s #wtfnews

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RT @chandrarsrikant: Aero India moving out of Bengaluru is really sad. How can you not have this event in India’s aerospace hub? The displa…

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Well my contact list doesn’t have #uidai number!

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RT @chandrarsrikant: I think both the #UIDAI & Telcos are not giving the full picture. Did the instruction come from the UIDAI and were the…

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RT @MeghaVishwanath: I unboxed 3 brand new devices from different hardware makers & guess what, the contact list had teh #UIDAI number pre-…

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RT @acorn: Do you want a free, independent media?

It can’t happen unless you clean up the law books, get rid of ancient or ambiguous regu…

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RT @kingslyj: Anyone can anyonymously donate to politcal parties, even loss making and foreign businesses who need laws changed to their fa…

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RT @MomentsIndia: UIDAI says it had nothing to do with an “outdated” Aadhaar helpline number being added to Android phones. t.co/0W…

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RT @TheDailyPioneer: #UIDAI : Thousands of smartphone users woke up puzzled on Friday with a UIDAI toll-free helpline number saved in their…

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@sonnes @arunp @ABVan @Sounak @kv @3en1y @min2 @dks @vedam @topa @susam @mahendra @KayB @rb @ruch @NutC @gssram


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