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RT @anandmahindra: Political leaders in Tamil Nadu have always been larger than life.Kalaignar Karunanidhi ji was a giant among men for sur…

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RT @sandygrains: Pro tip, news channels: Nidhi was not his last name.

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RT @churumuri: How a five-time CM (an MLA for 61 years) hated journalists, ducked tough questions, never gave interviews, complained to own…

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RT @tweepul: @prempanicker They should rename it to Editors Guilt of India.


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RT @prempanicker: “Cowards die many times before their death…”

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RT @prempanicker: Amazing. Does not name channels that filed written complaints. Nor the programs that were disrupted. Nor who was denied a…

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RT @PoetArora: My brother’s phone has been stolen.
To get the new SIM, he needs Aadhar authentication.
For Aadhar authentication, he needs…

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RT @smitha_tk: ‘When even our own family treated us bad, #Karunanidhi was the only one who gave us equal rights, right to vote, ID-cards. .…

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RT @digitaldutta: I can’t do business if I don’t have #Aadhaar, this is not the logic you give for a so called startup nation

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RT @sowmyarao_: Well lived and fought #Karunanidhi now the cast of Iruvar is all gone.

I hope the next generation of TN leaders do the dra…

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RT @factordaily: In the last 4 months or so, government bodies in India have made 7 key policy decisions that affect the country’s #Digital

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RT @Mayank1029: Exclusive: Directors in four states plan to take Ministry of Corporate Affairs to the court for making Aadhaar mandatory de…