My government (I’m in the UK) recently said that children here should learn up to their 12 times table by the age of 9. Now, I always believed that the reason why I learned my 12 times table was because of the money system that the UK used to have—12 pennies in a shilling. Since that madness ended with decimalization the year after I was born, by the late 1970s when I had to learn my 12 times table, it already seemed to be an anachronistic waste of time.To find it being given new emphasis nearly 40 years later struck me as so odd that I thought I should investigate it a little more mathematically. Here is what I concluded.

Source: Is There Any Point to the 12 Times Table?—Wolfram Blog

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  1. My daughter had a hard time learning the times table.
    So I wrote an android application to assist her :)

    Each exercise kids solve helps them to feed the cute panda.
    You can get daily reminders to feed the panda (solve exercises) and kids get rewarded with trophies upon goals completion.

    Using this application my daughter learned the whole times table without noticing :-)

    * Currently the application is only for Android phones *

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