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May be Kohli should start a talking challenge so central government can take notice! #KeralaFloods

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RT @AdityaMenon22: Amazed at the number of sick minded people who are saying that #KeralaFloods are “divine retribution” for eating beef or…

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RT @ShashiTharoor: Dropped into the newsroom of @asianetnewstv to commend them on their exemplary 24×7 coverage of the #KeralaFloods. They…

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RT @scroll_in: Some photos that show how the unprecedented showers continue to batter Kerala

More: scroll.in/a/890608


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RT @smfrogers: Everyday we publish our #opendata on our @GitHub page for the world to use and do interesting things with.


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People, Media and Politicians would have gone crazy if this much flooding had happened in Delhi or Mumbai.


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RT @anivar: #KeralaFloods Heavy to very heavy rainfalls expected in all 14 districts today. Airport shut, Metro shut, trains suspended, roa…

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If you want to help #keralafloods by contributing code to FOSS project thats behind keralarescue.in

Then g…


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RT @scroll_in: #LIVE | Authorities increased water discharge from the Idukki reservoir following heavy inflow from catchment areas and disc…

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RT @sooryasindhu: Friend, state machinery is addressing it 24×7. They cant do anything to ensure the news in “national channels” !!! https:…

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RT @davidakaye: the 1st @UNHumanRights rapporteur on freedom of expression was Indian, yet the mandate has never conducted an off’l mission…

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RT @alokpi: Seems like a nice set up to help Dipak Misra pull the Manipur encounters case out of Lokur’s court and ensure no progress is ev…