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All the above can be done without #Aadhaar

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I don’t know how #aadhaar will stop from doctor/police issuing a fake certificate or in laws murdering their daught…


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RT @logic: Oh, among other rights violations #Aadhaar brings, what my enrollment experience now makes me think is – One does not have the r…

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{ Who was that who was saying no leak stories anymore? }

#Aadhaar data of 7.8cr with IT co, FIR filed – Times of I…


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RT @iam_anandv: Even Jamaican Supreme court say that their version of #Aadhaar is unconstitutional and quotes DYC’s dissent and rejects the…

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RT @logic: We can confirm World bank and Modi lied using each other’s baseless numbers and claimed #Aadhaar savings.

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RT @godavar: Folks, now crowdsourcing a list of #Aadhaar enrolment centres that are either not enrolling people or have a wait list for enr…

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{ #wtfindia. #Aadhaar}

Aadhaar, invoice made mandatory for liquor vends in Haryana ecoti.in/ISNy5a via @economictimes

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RT @NH_India: The @cpimspeak has mentioned in their manifesto that #Aadhaar is discriminatory and needs to go, but in #Kerala, the only sta…

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RT @revathskumar: Have you linked your PAN with #Aadhaar? 🆘

@thej @Rita_Banerji @kingslyj @piratekp @no2uid

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RT @logic: Dear @rssharma3 This is NOT about #Aadhaar, but your data is being leaked by @PayUmoney I just had to enter your email ID to get…

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RT @digitaldutta: Another appeal was filed in the #Aadhaar based voter deletions case to halt announcement of #Elections2019 notification u…

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RT @digitaldutta: I discovered a lot of Andhra Pradesh portals leaking #Aadhaar data like broken water pipes in 2017 . I reported them to @…