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RT @samar11: School ‘sedition’ arrests: 9-yr-old waits for mother to be freed, police seize slippers, question children t.co/z0NHNq…

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RT @prajwalmanipal: Here’s the story. The 11-year-old student whose mother was arrested is now living with her neighbour. Her mother is a w…

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RT @prajwalmanipal: I asked the officer (Bidar DSP Basaveshwara Hira) why it had become necessary to come back to the school for the fourth…

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RT @prajwalmanipal: This is the small room in Shaheen School in Bidar where students were taken to for questioning for the fourth (yes, fou…

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Why aren’t they allowed to protest in freedom park?

Why is Government and Bengaluru police so scared of these wome…


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{ I know it’s important for BJP to win elections in Delhi, but this is cheap. And election commission is invisible…


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Delhi police and center is going fully nuts.

What next they will put cases on people who have Jai Shree Ram on their cars?

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Rajesh said he had put the posters and banners somewhere in September and October last year on his own will and wit…


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RT @singhvatsala: My mother is an MCD school teacher. She hasn’t got her salary for the last three months. THREE MONTHS!

MCD is controlle…

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RT @samitbasu: A Hindu terrorist mob has gathered at Shaheen Bagh and is chanting death threats. If India had a government these people wo…

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RT @nav_menezes: BMTC’s open data policy to allow app developers, researchers to pitch in creative solutions.

Bus data to be shared only f…

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RT @FahadTISS: Aap chronology samjhiye :
2014 : Vikas
2015 : economy

2016 : demo.

2017 : students/antinational
2018 : soldier soldier s…

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RT @prempanicker: The men — RSS “workers” — were “protesting”.

By threatening to kill someone they didn’t agree with.

Let that sink in.