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@asdofindia @ICMRDELHI I think there is a bigger drama waiting to come out.

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RT @nytimes: We’ve deleted an earlier tweet and updated a sentence in our article that implied that only “some experts” view the ingestion…

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Not just me. It’s @CB_Aman and @_kanikas_ and me.

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{ One reason why we will never know the real numbers }

Coronavirus | Confusion over mismatch in Health Ministry, I…


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RT @arvindgunasekar: How to fix discrepancy between ICMR and MoHFW #Covid_19 data ?

Ask ICMR not to give positive cases data 🤷🏻‍♂️


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RT @sardesairajdeep: I am told an ‘editor’ resigned from Editors Guild on live tv! For the record, the ‘editor’ did not attend single meeti…

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RT @PrajwalKuttappa: So a BJP MLA from Karnataka didn’t allow funeral proceedings of a woman who passed away from Covid-19.

If it was a Co…

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RT @_kanikas_: लेख प्रकाशित होने तक मौतों की संख्या 270 हो गई।

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RT @GauthamMachaiah: This Home ministry order on relaxation is very confusing. Request Government of Karnataka to issue detailed guidelines…

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RT @b50: People sitting comfortably stocked in their AC homes yelling and outraging in disgust as “how dare these poor people break the loc…

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RT <span title="Matt Haughey &#x1f637;” class=”username username_unlinked”>@mathowie: Good restful sleep is
the best way to
avoid getting sick
Anxiety about
getting sic…

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“_id”: “2020-04-25T09:00:00.00+05:30|tests”,
“_rev”: “1-6f94b81c822442131c24ff6656300fc8”,
“report_time”: “…


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Dear @ICMRDELHI today’s status report is as good as not publishing it.

No # of individuals.
No # of confirmed_positive.