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@MaggieInbamth @meerak I mean Meera’s email :)

8:09 pm »

@MaggieInbamth @meerak Just replied to your email.

1:24 pm »

RT @dhruv_rathee: UNESCO never declared our PM as the best PM..

But United Nations has definitely declared Andh Bhakts and their death thr…

1:21 pm »

RT @cugwmui: Just a reminder that once you have opened a @Paytm account , you CANNOT delete it. Your private data is now a saleable commodi…

12:48 pm »

@meerak @Paytm In my case I think

– Transactions
– CC details
– My billers
– PAN details

I had a basic wallet.

12:45 pm »

There seems to be a way


10:06 am »

RT @jaynakothari: For those interested in the arguments made in the SC seeking a stay of BSYs swearing in and the debates in the Supreme Co…

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RT @jaynakothari: @sushantsinha @gautambhatia88 @prasanna_s @SFLCin @sushantsinha – in addition to the fabulous work done by @gautambhatia8…

9:19 am »

Where are the court orders to share data?

Which investigating agency? Why is PMO calling and not the agency?

8:56 am »

This is vague, its like pointing to t&s.

@Paytm and @vijayshekhar has to talk about specific incident.