Tipu, who succeeded Hyder, was opposed by the Marathas, the Nizam and the British. In the course of the campaigns of the Third Mysore War (1790 – 1792), Parasuram Bhau marched on Bednur. His hosts commanded by a Patwardan foolishly plundered Sringeri.

https://sringeri.net/jagadgurus/sri-sacchidananda-bharati-iii-1770-1814In the letter commiserating the Acharya, Tipu wrote, “People who sin against such a holy place will at no distant date suffer the consequences of their misdeeds. Treachery to the Gurus will lead to all round ruin of the family.”

He aided in the restoration of the temple and the re-consecration of the image of Sri Sharada

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