A friend asked my opinion about DHH’s essay from last year:
I won’t let you pay me for my open source.

He makes some interesting points about how Bill Gates and Richard Stallman,
the poster children for capitalism and open source, normally considered polar
opposites, are actually driven by the same economic fears of scarcity. Gates’
fear is that people will use software without paying, Stallman’s fear is that
they won’t contribute.


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It’s Deepavali week. May the light shine enough to get rid of the darkness in our hearts and minds. Happy Deepavali to everyone.

Book stand that I made

I donated my 6th unit of blood ( 6 in total, 2nd this year). Now, I am pretty sure I can do 25 units as long as I keep myself healthy. Donating Twenty-five units is currently my lifetime goal. Let me know if you have any questions about the blood donation. I am more than happy to answer.The COVID-19 data project is sunsetted as of 2022-10-21. I am not going to update the data anymore. It started as an archival and scraping project. But it has had other valuable datasets that are unique to this project. In today’s world, it didn’t happen if the data didn’t exist, hence the need for this work, its existence, and its significance. I wrote about the Zigbee system at my home. It’s been in draft mode for quite some time now. I was able to finalize and post this week.Updated IDVC details with more data points. Currently, it’s a running average (mean, median, mode, etc.) of all data points. I am planning to bucket it year-wise. That way, at some point, we can check how prices increase year after year. Anju gifted me with a carpentry workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I made a recipe book stand.

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As someone who has applied for #AdoptionInIndia and been waiting for more than a year now, I can tell you there is more interest in India than ever before. And it’s growing. @the_hindu should have talked to parents who have applied and waiting before concluding “adoption still not popular in India”.

When you log in to CARA and see a waiting list, you would know thousands of parents are still waiting. I know people who have been waiting for more than two years. So low adoption numbers are not because the adoption is not popular, but it’s because the process is tedious and takes years. And it undoubtedly not very friendly.