RT @Rukmini: Writing 👏👏 on 👏👏 testing 👏👏 using 👏👏 data 👏👏 without 👏👏 discussing 👏👏 testing 👏👏 strategy 👏👏 is 👏👏 pointless 👏👏👏👏👏

RT @ghoseb: Check out this amazing project! Superb effort, @thej and team. 💪👏

RT @rsponnathpur: “Written by some low class slum dweller” 👏 A lot of class there! 👏👏

RT @Neurophysik: 😂👏 Beta padhao, desh bachao


RT <span title="Tris Resists &#x1f30a;” class=”username username_unlinked”>@TrisResists: As these despicable neo-nazis are rallying in public, at least stores are stepping up! &#x1f44f;&#x1f3fc;👏🏼👏🏼

This sign is everything! &#x1f44a;🏼…