@che2on * Cover more villages and houses

  • Better managed systems
  • Underground or better transmission lines
  • 24×7

@che2on Doesn’t have to be sudden but doesn’t have to invest in its future.

Future investments ( or what we are building today) could be towards it.

Now that I see they are putting gas pipelines to homes, is it worth it? It will take at least 15+ years to cover India.

Should we just strengthen the existing electric lines and go all electric? From cooking, heating to driving?

Gas is less polluting but still fossil right?I know today very less part of electricity is green. Say in 20+ years major part of it could be green.

Isn’t it easy change the source at some point if the pipelines are well built.

At some point we will have to remove gas pipelines and go electric right?

These gas pipelines seem like a temporary solution, no?

So standard format for energy consumption is electricity.

At the generation side it can be many sources but slowly moving towards green l, but with out touching consumer side.

Do you know any good Indian blogs about EV (all kinds, scooters to trucks) and renewable energy?

If not blog then newsletters? Anyway I consume them in RSS format.


For a long time I had a custom setup to post from @twitter to @WordPress

Now thanks to @davewiner I have

Twitter -> TwitterFeed (RSS) -> WordPress blog

A standard way to do it.

You can see title less posts at https://t.co/NlVZXLdQBg

So Kia EV6 is in India. It looks amazing and is expensive. I wish they had got Kia Soul EV first. We need ~10Lakh, decent EVs for city rides. Currently only option seems to be Tigor EV.

Also curious that all the ML and AI the tech world seems to have can’t figure the difference between humans and bots?

We need a manually paid ( looking at you RBI ) to decide some one is Human and give them png?

RBI seems to be running the biggest bot detector in India!