@2talkon My interest at this point is mostly at bicycle to ebike conversion kits.

And also there are so many better (who know more) people than me.

@mixdev I don’t think so, but I do see a lot of cycle to ebike conversion kit etc

How do you find out? Using chassis number?@mixdev I also sew escooters by unknown companies. May be I should look for VIN

@tecoholic @kracetheking Don’t most concerns raised also apply to email hosting and federating?

I know its difficult to self host email today, but that said there is more than one. And there is lots of tooling and optimizations done over time.

And also it doesn’t have to Mastodon as such.

How soon there will be legal ban on low cost, registration free (low power), DIY EVs?

It’s much easier to build a decent EV at home than ICE.