If BMTC is an “independent” corporation, compensated by govt, then it is for sure in profit.

If its not an independent corporation then it’s just a public transport provided by govt. Profit or loss doesn’t make sense then, just like govt schools and hospitals. https://twitter.com/sugataraju/status/1674724909858316288If you consider it as a corp, will one of its customers (GoK) pay on time, is the question you can ask.

But as a citizen you should ask that question to govt and not BMTC.

BMTC had raised to occasion and has delivered.

So if you are a journalist call your govt contacts and put pressure on them to pay BMTC on a monthly basis. Write and question about that.

Than talking about how much “losses” BMTC will make.

What’s the cheapest EV 2Whl for an elderly person. Most to go to shops or visit friends in the neighborhood.

Ideally the ones which have no registration requirement.

@sagaro I would have agreed with you but that barrier has been crossed a long time back!

@sagaro Today the world has become very small to have a clear distinction between global and local affairs. Either its public or not.

Its not about Congress or BJP, its about current PM.